What is ActiveReports?

  • Collection of .NET Reporting Components and an Extensive API

    ActiveReports includes a complete set of reporting controls and code library. Use built-in controls such as barcodes, charts, input, Sparklines, and maps to visualize data. Script your own behavior with the comprehensive and fully documented API the supports the code languages most commonly used in Visual Studio: C# and Visual Basic.

  • Multi-Platform Report Viewers

    Embed our fully customizable viewers in your HTML5, WPF, WinForms, ASP.NET, and Flash applications. You can also use our PDF export utility and display reports in the PDF viewer of your choice.

  • Optional Report Server Add On

    Deploy ActiveReports Server™ to host and run reports from a centralized server. This enterprise solution runs on your server and includes full in-browser administrative capabilities, load balancing, scheduling, an HTML5 portal, versioning, and more.  

  • Visual Report and Query Designers

    Use the included designers to minimize coding. The Report Designer is a complete design environment that you can even distribute to end users for ad-hoc reporting. The Query Designer helps you get the data you need without knowing database languages such as SQL.

Why Choose ActiveReports?

Report Types for Every Need

  • Page Reports

    Page Reports

    Fixed Layout

    Page Reports provide Visual Studio developers with a new way of creating reports where layout is the primary focus. They are great for creating invoices, prospectus reports, forms, and other highly structured reports.

  • RDL Reports

    RDL Reports

    Continuous Layout

    RDL Reports make it easy to create reports using tables, crosstabs, charts, and other data regions with flexible layouts which flow across pages.

  • Section Reports

    Section Reports

    Banded Layout

    Section Reports are similar to Access reports. Using code-behind or scripts, you can respond to the various events to create extremely customized reports that are difficult to produce with other products.

Learn More About Report Types

Easily Connect to Multiple and Mixed Data Sources

Easily Connect to Multiple and Mixed Datasources

Wizards let you set up reusable connections to ODBC, OLEDB, .NET, XML, Web Services, Data Objects, and runtime data sources even if you don’t know the database languages. Mix multiple sources in a single project and share them across reports for optimal efficiency. Also control how your data is accessed through event-based scripting and code-behind support.

Complete Visual Studio Integration

Completely design and develop reports as part of your Visual Studio 2010+ projects. The Report and Query designers ensure that you have all the tools you need in the best .NET environment possible. The ActiveReports report designer is fully integrated into Visual Studio from Property Grid to Intellisense to context-sensitive help.

Royalty-Free Redistribution

Redistribute your reports with your application and on the web without additional licensing requirements. There are no User Fees for access to reports and no CALs or Named User Licenses. XCOPY deployment ensures easy integration with your product deployment and installation process.

Expert Support is Included

When you buy ActiveReports, you have our staff of experts and a community of thousands of developers behind you. Every license includes free online and peer-to-peer support. We also offer affordable maintenance plans that get you anything we release for the duration of the plan.

Benefits for Everyone

ActiveReports provides benefit to everybody in your organization.

.NET Developers

  • Visual Studio integration for ease of use in a familiar environment
  • Fast .NET reporting engine
  • Extensive API for complex integration touch points across platforms
  • Visual Studio integration for ease of use in a familiar environment
  • Customizable and charts, maps, tables, and more
  • Advanced control over printing and export options

End Users

  • Beautiful printable and interactive reports
  • Multi-format export capabilities
  • A consistent user experience across delivery platforms

Report Designers & Authors

  • Fully customizable ad-hoc end-user Report Designer control to embed in your application
  • Stand-alone Report Designer application
  • Easy to use drag & drop user experience
  • Visual Query Designer to generate optimized queries without SQL language expertise

Dev Managers & Other Stakeholders

  • Royalty-free redistribution
  • Easy-to-understand and manage licensing terms

Who Uses ActiveReports?

  • I have been a huge fan of ActiveReports since version 1.0 and VB6.

    Ralph Corigliano , CEO , Executive Support Systems

  • Easy to use, rich functions, strong interaction, good performance, stable running and effective technical support are what we love most about ActiveReports.

    YuWang , Program Manager , Liao Ning Ju-long Financial Equipment Co. Ltd.

  • By using ActiveReports we were able to fully integrate the project within our existing .NET environment.

    Andy Roberts , Software Developer , Marquis Software Development

  • As a developer, I appreciate the flexibility of your products. As a business, we find the export formats and the end user designer to be invaluable.

    Wendy Mathis , Software Engineer , Knowledge Relay

  • Just wanted to let you know, ActiveReports has been seamless, flawless and easy to use.

    Dempsey Parden

  • We chose ActiveReports due to its full feature set, friendly licensing model for web-based applications, and ease of development.

    Aaron Christian , Director of Software Development , Orion Healthcare Technology

  • Just wanted to let you know the timing of this update could not have been more perfect and the fix works great!

    Bob Walters , LABLynx, Inc.

  • I use ActiveReports because it allows me to combine the best of both worlds - a visual Designer coupled with the ability to hand tune the reports to any degree using code behind, then compile the result into my app and present a professional print preview/export experience to my clients.

    Peter Fallon , Director , Castle Software Australia

  • There is a small learning curve because the product can do so much for the software developer.

    Chris Barker , Developer , Barks N Bytes, LLC

  • ActiveReports was lightweight, fast, and offered a working editor for its reports.

    Stefano Rossi , Chairman , Ericsoft

  • Having ActiveReports is like having a high-powered portable electric drill when everyone else is using a manual screwdriver.

    Henry Fiorentini , President , Panatech Computer Management, Inc.

  • These products have the most complete feature set, the most flexibility, and they are very user friendly and developer friendly.

    Michael Hersey Senior , Software Developer , Sherry Labs

  • Hands-down, ActiveReports and GrapeCity technical support have been a mission-critical resource and a key reason for our success...

    Henry Fiorentini , President , Panatech Computer Management, Inc.

  • In a small production shop, we have ActiveReports to be the best product on the market.

    Larry Harker , IT Manager , Association of Oregon Counties

  • We purchased the ActiveReports product because it was easier to use than Crystal Reports.

    Erin Arroyo , Senior Developer , Geomentum

  • ...ActiveReports was solid and easy for our developers to design.

    John Gielarowski , President/CEO , TallySoft, Division of Point Of Sale Technologies, Inc.

  • We purchased the Spread controls since they were better and easier to use than the Microsoft Grid controls in .NET.

    Erin Arroyo , Senior Developer , Geomentum

  • Over the years, the ease of use, ease of distribution, and reliability of ActiveReports has significantly reduced the effort required for business reporting development.

    Jim Bullington , Company James Bullington Consulting Services

  • We wanted a product that was flexible and easy to use and we have found that in the ActiveReports product. We haven't found a report yet that we couldn't get created in ActiveReports. We love it!

    Trent Snow , Senior Programmer Analyst , Licking County IT

  • We will continue to use ActiveReports whenever we need reporting in our solutions. It has been a big time and money saver.

    Luis Lobo Borobia , Software Development Manager , LPA Corporate Solutions

  • ...there is such flexibility to manipulate the output based on certain conditions. It makes the maintenance of code a lot easier too.

    Molly J. Fagan , Oklahoma Student Loan Authority

  • ActiveReports stood head and shoulders above the other three products. I knew of the support and track-record of the company by word-of-mouth

    Rod Pick , Software Designer & IT Manager , Melmarc Products

  • I have used ActiveReports since the 3.0 release. I have found that ActiveReports is very easy to use, preforms well for me and give me all the features that I need.

    Wesley Witt , Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft , Boy Scouts of America

  • ...I purchased ActiveReports was because Crystal Reports did not have the functionality we required.

    Chris White , Software Development Manager , Key Traffic Systems

  • ...being able to do code behind gives me much more flexibility.

    Brian Macomber , Development Manager , Synergiance, INC

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